Monday, January 19, 2009


Well life has been fairly unexciting....well not totally....

I had girls night out on Saturday, and truly that was a good time. My girlfriend calls us the Yummy Mummy's....and after Friday's night escapades it's safe to say I've put the crown back on :P One of the great suprises to divorce has been my wonderful female relationships, and the great times we've had. Not just nights out, but good heart to heart friendship, where I've felt comfortable to say at different times, not proud of that moment, time to improve on that, that was difficult to experience etc.

Sunday was quiet....with some laundry and E! True Hollywood Story to go around. I love Quiet Sundays truth be told. I used to be a big church goer, and even taught Sunday School....honestly...if you could've seen me dancing my butt off on Saturday it would be hard to imagine LoL Anyhow, after years of church attendance on a day when I was very tired after a busy week, often working til 11 on Sat. night, I'm more than happy to give up going to church on a Sunday morning. Not that I've given up going to church, I just go on Saturday nights now to the Catholic church. It's a much more forgiving environment, very respectful, and is at a time when it seems logical to attend church.

Exercise and Weight Watchers has been consistent which I'm feeling really good about. I couldn't help it and I stepped on the scale this past weekend, and I was down a couple of pounds. This encouraging when you are working hard at losing the weight. I'm curious to see what the Weight Watchers scale will say tomorrow night. I'm also seriously contemplating a purchasing a treadmill. I would like to run a 5K in the Spring, and this would be a great tool to help me prepare for that. I'm not a big fan of outdoor running in the winter, and I'm not getting a membership at a gym to use a treadmill. I already own a really good Elliptical machine, and that has worked much better for me than going to the gym. I'm going to look into it a bit, price them out.

I'm now in my last week off of work, which I'm a little sad about. It's been nice to be off with my girls. Especially the last 5 weeks. Once I gave birth, and started to feel like myself, it was great to be home with them, to take them to school, pick them up etc. With my schedule I usually am dropping them off at 6:30am at their dad's house. They don't really enjoy the getting up early. I not very often have to work afternoons, but when I do I'm not home at night with them. However I'm looking forward to getting back to regular life, and routine. Work brings that, as well it brings a bigger pay cheque than the Employment Insurance gives me :D That's nice, and one of the reasons why I'm going back to work before I'm required to. So I'm going to enjoy the last week of non work :D

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