Friday, January 9, 2009

Bra Shopping Sucks

So I got off the computer and worked out, as I was giving it my E for Effort on the Ellipitical machine, I realized that my boobs had fallen out of my sports bra :S. I readjusted quickly and kept going, only to find it happen again, and again! GRR! I would guess that my previously fitting sports bra was a bit stretched out from the months of wear when I was pregnant, and the boobs were BIG! They aren't so big now... I've lost somewhere between 20-25lbs since I delivered, and this was made obvious to me that most of it was lost in the chest :P

So I completed my workout, showered, and headed to the mall to purchase a new sport bra. Feeling ambitious some might ask? Yes I was, bra shopping is something I dread. I'm never the same size twice it would seem. However, I figured I'd just by the same one, it fit initially when first bought, and it worked well. Well do you think Sears has the same bra? Nope, so began the trying on search. I tried on 20 bras, in varying sizes, styles etc. broke into a sweat, and cursed Warner's for not making that bra anymore! I finally found one that would work, and made my way out of the store, 45 dollars poorer, but with two new bras. Oh yes I bought two, because the second one was only 5$, and at that price you must buy a second!

Tomorrow when I work out I will be properly outfitted, and my boobs will stay where they belong!

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