Saturday, January 10, 2009

An In box full of???

So I joined an internet dating site last week, on the prodding of a very good friend, I haven't invested much time in it, as I'm easily turned off. Last night I was a teeny bit bored, so I thought I'd go a searching to see what is out well I noticed since I had no pic, no much activity on my profile. I uploaded a picture of myself and see if that resulted in some activity on my profile.

Well I woke this morning to an inbox full...I guess my picture inspired some activity...and yes this picture is the one I used! Well it inspired a married man, 2 younger men who are much too YOUNG, 2 younger ones only by 2-3 years, no kids though, and 3 men around my age, with children. Yes that is full to me! I took the picture off this morning as I checked out the men's profiles, and messaged back 2....with a hey...thanks for the compliment...blah blah. See I'm already tired!

I'd like to meet someone, but life is busy and full, and I'm not sure how badly I want to, and how I would even fit someone into my life. I've decided to casually look, and see what comes of it....

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